Higienica Plus, lotion

Higienica Plus, lotion

Manufacturer: Vypharma

Active ingredients:
Dimethicone, Nimes leaf extract, Lavender essential oil

Indications for use:
A remedy for the treatment of pediculosis. • dimethicone envelops parasites, penetrating the respiratory system, displacing air and causing their death; • Nimes leaf extract has a pediculocidal effect. Restores dried and fine hair; • lavender essential oil soothes the scalp, protecting it from irritation, itching, appearance of dandruff, gives the means a pleasant aroma.

1 flask contains:

Nim tree leaf extract - 5%, Dimethicone - 4%, Lavender oil - 0.1%, Cyclopentasiloxane - up to 100%.

Lotion 60 ml


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