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The company «FORCE-PHARMA DISTRIBUTION» - is a team of ambitious professionals who most of all appreciate human health. Our company is an exclusive distributor of a number of manufacturers from the European Union. We are seeking for innovative medicinal products and foreign partners, because there are no borders for health.

Our mission is to maintain the society’s health.

In spite of its young age our company grows rapidly and seeks for leadership in its branch. Cooperating with health care professionals we improve our knowledge about modern medicinal products and technologies, because a doctor’s knowledge saves lives.

Taking care of each patient’s health we have put in practice a system of pharmacovigilance, because medicinal products must be safe. Every day we are inspired by a possibility of an individual cure and recovery and an improvement of society’s quality of life, because creating a healthy nation we lay the foundations for future.

We believe that health is the ultimate value not only for an individual, but for all the society. This is a recipe for happiness, this is a child’s smile, a father’s strength and a mother’s calm, it is a sweet glance of grandparents. Health is our future, which grows in a cradle of family hearth. Only a healthy individual is able to enjoy life to the fullest extent and make his / her input into the development of Ukraine and his / her nation.

Unfortunately, sometimes our health becomes at risk and a person is not able to deal with it alone. Then doctors and professionals in pharmaceutical industry who have devoted their lives to public health come to help. «FORCE-PHARMA DISTRIBUTION» is a component of a mechanism which works for people’s recovery and for improvement of their quality of life. We seek for and find innovative resolutions, adopt the best experience of our foreign partners, erasing the boundaries on the way of recovery. Our team distributes the knowledge about modern medicinal products and technologies among health care professionals, being aware of the importance of a continuous development of doctors and professionals of pharmaceutical branch. We provide the citizens only high-quality and safe medicinal products, implementing a system of severe pharmacovigilance.

Our team works for health’s sake and dreams of seeing a healthy society which keeps the course to its future.

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